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2023 Calendar of Educational Events for Realtors

Each year we try and bring relevant education topics to real estate professions.   These topics are designed for agents at any level.  Regardless if you are a rookie agent or seasoned veteran there is always more to learn.  In this forever shifting real estate market we are here to help you level up your game!   Below you will find a list of the topics we plan to cover and dates for each.  For each topic we are offering a Live event and a Zoom Webinar on the same topic the following week.  As the events get close we will have more details just follow the links to learn more and register for the events.

Live event details:

Time: 12:00 to 1:30  ♦  Location: Greater Kalamazoo Association of Realtors

Limited Seating.  RSVP required  ♦ Lunch will be provided.

Webinar Details:

Times will be 10:30 – 11:30 am

Held via zoom.  Registration Required

2023 Lunch and Learn Schedule:

JANUARY ♦ Why I Joined Treadstone Client & Realtor advantages
FEBRUARY ♦ All Things Interest Rate – A deep dive into how interest rates work, what affects them, & how to use todays rates to sell in todays market
MARCH ♦ Understanding P&L’s Making one for your real estate business
APRIL ♦ Re-Starting or Refreshing Your Client DatabaseGuaranteed results!
MAY ♦ Options For Every Home Buyer! – Down payments, programs, & more
JUNE ♦ Tools From The Best 20 Marketing ideas from Realtors around the country
JULY ♦ Appraisals 101 & Beyond – Local appraisers tell all
  • Live Event – JULY 12th
  • Zoom Meeting – JULY 20th
AUGUST ♦ How Renovation Loans Can Be Your Secret Weapon In A Shifting Market
  • Live Event – AUG 9th
  • Zoom Meeting – AUG 17th
SEPTEMBER ♦ Sell More Investment Properties – Tips from a top investor and real estate pro on maximizing ROI for you or your clients
  • Live Event – SEPT 13th
  • Zoom Meeting – SEPT 21st
OCTOBER ♦ Home Inspector Panel  – Local home inspectors tell all
  • Live Event – OCT 11th
  • Zoom Meeting – OCT 19th
NOVEMBER ♦ Business & Marketing Plans for 2023 – Ideas to fill your schedule that work
  • Live Event – NOV 8th
  • Zoom Meeting – NOV 16th

*Topics  and dates subject to change.

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June Educational Event For Realtors: Tools From the Best

Tools From The Best

Does the tight inventory got you singing the blues?  Need more buyer and seller leads?  Ok that sounds like some internet BS.  We arent selling anything here and there’s no magic bullet, but we sure do know how to grind.  In this lunch and learn / webinar we will share with you what we have learned.  Over the last 5 years Matt Muscat has been interviewing top Realtors and sales Professionals from around the country to find out what’s working for them!  In this fast paced class you will hear a curated list of some of these top tactics that you can implement immediately, and by and large at no cost

Hot Topics We Will Cover

Here is a list of some of the things we will cover during the event:

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