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SOS! Save Our Sale

Under Contract & Experiencing Delays?

Is your client’s current lender struggling with getting to the closing table?  Are you worried the transaction is falling apart?  We may be able to help save the sale!

We have helped many buyers and sellers get to the closing table when other lenders just couldn’t make it happen due to:

  • Repairs and apprasial issues
  • Income problems
  • Asset problems
  • Credit challenges
  • Lack of funds to close
  • Lack of lender communication

When things are looking grim, call us before you terminate the sale!  We have had countless successes restructuring a file that another lender couldn’t close.  Typically, we have been able to turn a transaction around in just a few short weeks.  It’s not magic, its over 20 year of experience and it works!

Before the next sale falls apart, call us. 

We are standing by to receive your S.O.S. distress call!