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Friday, 24 January 2014 00:00

Appraiser Required Repairs

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This information is intended to explain to home buyers & Real Estate Agents all the possible solutions for appraisal required repairs.  Every ones situation is different so don't hesitate to call and run the scenario buy us.  Most of the time we can find a way to make it work and get the transaction closed. There shouldn't be any transaction that fall's apart because the lender cant accommodate the repair situation. So, lets address our options on these homes deemed un-financeable by other agents and lenders.

Conventional, FHA, VA & Rural Development Repair Options

  1. Seller Completes the repairs – this is the best option, typically costs little to no money, repairs are done prior to closing and the property is re-inspected prior to closing. Simply the best option. For bank owned homes (foreclosures) often the bank will not do any work to the property. It can’t hurt to ask and I would encourage that, however if the bank will not complete the repairs there are other options.
  2. Repair Escrow - with this option repairs are done after closing.  Here’s how it works:  More Details
    1. Obtain a bid from a licensed and insured contractor for only the required repairs (2 bids required for FHA & VA). Buyers are not allowed to complete ANY repairs themselves.
    2. AmeriFirst reviews and approves repair escrow accordingly
    3. Closing on the home occurs and escrow is funded. The key is “where does the money for the repair escrow come from?”
      • Seller could fund the escrow account out of their closing proceeds
      • Buyer could fund the escrow account by bringing additional funds to the closing.
      • Rural Development Only – if the home appraises for more repairs can be financed into the loan up to the appraised value.
    4. Repairs are completed by the contractor. Now that we closed and ownership transferred the clock is ticking and the contractor has 2 weeks to get the repairs completed.
    5. Checks are cut to the contractor.
  3. Switch it to a  Renovation Loan
    1. Typically the most costly option: Higher APR/Interest Rate & Higher Closing Costs
    2. 3.5% + down required
    3. Obtain a bid from a licensed and insured contractor for the required repairs and any other repairs the buyer wishes to complete
    4. AmeriFirst reviews bids & validates the contractors
    5. Closing occurs and repairs are financed into the loan.
    6. Contractor receives half the money upfront
    7. Work completed and property is re-inspected
    8. Check for remaining balance cut to the contractor



Check out the attachments below for more information or give us a call to discuss!