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I just had to share this But Loan song with you. Created by my coworkers here at Amerifirst Home Mortgage. Enjoy! Oh, and if you would like more information about a But loan, check out this page about renovation lending. It’s a great loan program where we can finance all kinds of repairs and remodeling projects from kitchens, bathrooms, additions, the list is virtually endless!

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Home Renovation Loan Process

Since COVID hit, the housing market has been crazy!  With housing in high demand, the competition is getting tough out there.  Buyers are looking for alternative ways to buy a home and many have turned to renovation financing.  In fact, our renovation volume has tripled so far in 2021.  There are a number of reasons for this, but essentially, home renovation loans offer a number of advantages for want-to-be home buyers.

Here are some of the reasons more and more buyers are utilizing these loan programs:

Renovation Loan Advantages
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