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April 2022 Lunch & Learn Event

As a Realtor, have you ever wondered why buyers fit into one program vs another?

Every home buyers scenario is different.  When first meeting with a buyer we take a deep dive into there personal financial information.  The personal financial information is going to determine our limits for the different loan programs.  However, there is much more to it.  When we meet we also go over their wants, dreams, and future goals.  Here are just a handful of questions that then help to determine the loan program.

  • What’s the credit like? – determines available loan options
  • How much income is there? – determines the max in which someone is qualified
  • How much debt is there? – determines the max in which someone is qualified
  • Is there a house to sell? – Plays into the max and how much money is available for down payment and or debt payoff
  • What area do they want to live? – property taxes play a huge role in payment and therefore the max price.  Also, certain programs don’t work in certain areas.
  • Are they looking for acreage? – can affect loan program options
  • Do we need to minimize down payment – affects loan program
  • Are there major purchases or job changes on the horizon? – could affect loan program and max purchasing power
  • Are there other household members not on the loan? – could affect loan program

The list goes on and on, but a good, a GREAT loan officer isn’t going to just take an order.  They will sit down and consult with a new borrower.  A GREAT Realtor will do the same.  At this event we are going to cover all the different loan programs and the major points to each program.  We want to give you some of the tools and knowledge to help you be a GREAT agent!

Loan Programs Covered

Here is a list of loan programs we will discuses.  When we go over these programs we will be talking general qualifications, down payment requirements, credit scores, program restrictions, and ways we use each program to solve problems and jump thru hoops.

  • Conventional
  • FHA
  • Rural Development
  • MSHDA Down Payment Assistance
  • Investor Programs qualified only on rental income
  • VA
  • Renovation Financing
  • Investor Options
  • Asset Qualifying
  • Bank Statement Qualifying

A key element in becoming a high preforming agent is education and training.  We want to help you in your journey so we are offering both a live event and zoom webinar for each of our lunch and learns this year.  If you need help with anything between now and our next event don’t hesitate to reach out.   Can wait to see you there!

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Date: April 13th

Time: 12:00 – 1:30

Location: 5830 Venture Park Dr. Kalamazoo, MI 49009

Limited Seating. RSVP required.  Box Lunch will be provided.  Email bmiller@amerifirst.com to reserve your spot!



Date: April 21st

Time: 10:30 – 12:00

Zoom Meeting





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