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Jeremy Drobeck

As a former Marine, Jeremy lives his life by an important code of ethics: lead by example, abide by an uncompromising code of integrity, and respect others. These principles have defined his professional career as a Mortgage Loan Officer and they are the reason he is highly respected by clients and agents alike. Jeremy was bitten by the real estate bug early on—working as both a Realtor and owning investment properties. He became fascinated with the finance side of the transactions and noticed that the quality of the transaction process hinged solely on the quality of the Loan Officer and the company he used. It wasn’t long before Jeremy was licensed as a Loan Officer himself.  Jeremy has spent the last 20+ years in the mortgage industry educating his buyers so that they understood the process. Jeremy believes that everyone deserves the honor of homeownership so he works harder than most to make it happen for his clients. “Homeownership changes people’s lives by building personal wealth and in-turn, a legacy for their family.”

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May Lunch and Learn: Sphere Based Marketing

Real Estate Agents: Sharpen Your Sphere with Sphere-Based Marketing!

Feeling the squeeze of a saturated market? Ready to cultivate a loyal network of clients who become your biggest advocates? Then join us for an event diving into the powerful world of Sphere Based Marketing.  This approach focuses on leveraging your existing network to generate leads and build lasting client connections. Think of it as nurturing the fertile ground closest to you before venturing further afield.

This Sphere-Based Marketing Lunch & Learn will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to:
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