Kalamazoo County Tax Auction

*** This info is still relevant for this years 2014 auction ***  The 2014 Kalamazoo county auction is Aug. 18th.

Hundreds of Kalamazoo County properties will hit the market in just a few days. These homes have been foreclosed on by the county for back taxes are are to be sold at Auction on July 31st, 2012. Looking for a deal? This is a great forum if you have some extra cash to pick up a home at a very affordable price. Buyer Beware however, many of these homes are a train wreak, some aren’t worth anywhere near what the starting bid is and homes that don’t sell will go up for sale again with no minimum bid. At any rate you can view the properties at https://www.tax-sale.info

Warning there are potential title issues with these homes follow this link for more info

Check out this interview with Jeremy Drobeck & Mary Balkema Kalamazoo County Treasure

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