Property Taxes: Tax Tribunal part 3

What Do You Do When The Board Of Review Says “NO!”?

Here are a couple Pointers:

  1. In my experience the Board of Review almost shoots you down, but the appeal process at the State Tax Tribunal has a reasonable non-bias person there to look at your appeal – GO TO the Tax Tribunal!
  2. Don’t be scared, these are real people there to hear your case!
  3. Be Prepared
  4. Cost FREE if its your primary residence, non-homestead fee is $125
  5. Petition Form (appeal only assessed value)
  6. 35 days after you file you should receive a docket number
  7. 25 days later response from municipality saying they received
  8. Be Prepared to wait for a hearing date! They are are backed up 1.5 – 2 years
  9. Local hearing where both you and the assessor present evidence (same basic thing you brought to the board of review)
  10. 21 days prior to the hearing you will submit your evidence or a packet showing why you are appealing
  11. You will also recive the municipalities evidance so you can review and dispute at hearing
  12. About 45 days after hearing you get the ruling.

Overwhelmed? Alan Jeffries can help for a nominal fee.

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