Government Programs

Uncle Sam WANTS you to own a home.  There are many programs in place to help make the American dream possible!

  • FHA Loans – Thanks to HUD some highlights are 3.5% down payment on purchases.
  • VA Loans – Qualified Veterans are able to take advantage of 100% financing & no PMI!
  • RD Loans – The USDA does more than just certify beef. They have a loan program that features 100% financing & low PMI!
  • Renovation Loans – we lend you the money you need to hire contractors to get that home in tip top shape
  • Obama Refi – Government help is on it’s way! Also know as HARP 2.0.
  • Loan Modifications
  • MSHDA Loans – State of Michigan loan program to help low to moderate income families

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Buying and Financing Rental Property 2022 Event

July 2022 Lunch & Learn Event and Webinar for Realtors and Investors

Working with home buyers searching for a new primary residence is a totally different game compared to working with investors and rental property.  Sure, there are similarities, but what want-to-be home owners care about is different than what an investor cares about.  Frankly, for an investor, it’s all about the money and it should be.  When someone purchases a rental property they are essentially running a business.  If we can help them run a successful business and turn a profit they will likely come back and buy more properties.

There are lots of want-to-be investors out there and the hardest part is getting started.  We are going to help unravel the maze.  We will also look at long term planning.  Often just knowing what needs to happen to acquire the next property and the next one after that is one of the keys to success.  Owning rental property can be a great way to build wealth and we are here to help.

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