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Fighting Your Property Taxes!

Why Appeal Those Taxes?

There are lots of reason to appeal your property taxes. The main one being that it can save you money. I look at what properties are selling for and what they are assessed at everyday and more often than not they are assessed significantly higher than what they are selling for. That can only mean one thing . . . You’re paying too much in property taxes! In this video we talk about the why and how to check to make sure your being taxed fairly. For some additional info also check out this document put out by the City of Kalamazoo.

How To Appeal Your Property Taxes?

Step 1 – File with the board of review Form L-4035

Step 2 – Appeal in person if at all possible (you only get a small window each year and will need to set that up in February. Don’t miss it)

Step 3- Take as much info with you as possible, you must make your case.

  • Check your property record card for accuracy
  • Comparable Properties (get these from your Real Estate Agent, the local county website, or hire someone like
    • HUD -1 if recent purchase
    • Try to stay away from using distressed sales as comparable (foreclosures)
    • Pictures if the home is a little beat up
    • Invite them out to the property

Don’t be scared of these guys! It’s easy to do and doesn’t cost you anything! Be prepared to get REJECTED!!!!!! – Watch the next video that’s where you learn how to appeal and win!

What Do You Do When The Board Of Review Says “NO!”?

State Tax Tribunal

In my experience the Board of Review almost always shoots you down, but the appeal process at the State Tax Tribunal has a reasonable non-bias person there to look at your appeal – GO TO the Tax Tribunal! This is where many people see their tax reduced.

A couple pointers:

  1. Don’t be scared, these are real people there to hear your case!
  2. Be Prepared
  3. Cost FREE if it’s your primary residence, non-homestead fee is $125

The process

  1. Get rejected at the Board of Review
  2. File the Petition Form along with the fee (appeal only assessed value)
  3. 35 days after you file you should receive a docket number
  4. 25 days later response from municipality saying they received
  5. Be prepared to wait for a hearing date! They are backed up 1.5 – 2 years, but it will get scheduled
  6. 21 days prior to the hearing you will have to submit your evidence or a packet showing why you are appealing
  7. You will also receive the municipalities evidence so you can review and dispute at hearing
  8. The hearing
    1. Local hearing where both you and the assessor are present and make your case.
    2. You present your evidence
      1. Same thing you brought to the Board of Review (see above)
      2. Also bring information to dispute the assessors evidence
    3. Assessor presents their evidence
    4. Person hearing the case asks questions to both parties
  9. About 45 days after hearing you get the ruling.

Overwhelmed? Visit Advanced Property Tax Services can help for a nominal fee.

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